Sidewalk Labs asks SvN for a design concept for Toronto office

We were thrilled that Sidewalk Labs Toronto asked us to submit a design concept for their first Canadian office. Looking for creative ways to transform the existing white cube space into their urban innovation lab, this project explores new ideas and aesthetics. The office will not only meet their functional needs, but also express their brand and some of the key ideas about the kinds of places they seek to create – connected, mobile, sustainable. It will house work space and fabrication space for Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs, as well as invite the public in for events, exhibits, and programs to keep them informed and excited.

Key values of the project include:

  • Demonstrating construction innovation
  • Connecting to the public
  • Flexibility to change over time
  • Sustainability and design for end-of-use.

The proposal can be viewed in full here.

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