Cabin Communities in Canadian Architect

Cabin Communities in Canadian Architect

A New Initiative Proposes Energy-Efficient, Mass Timber Cabin Communities as an Interim Housing Measure.

As part of our work for inclusive communities, we designed cabins for Two Steps Home from sustainable, healthy and low carbon materials that are optimized for efficiency, durability and designed to be transported and reused across multiple locations as sites are developed for permanent housing.

Canadian Architect Editor Elsa Lam visited our prototype at the Interior Design Show in Toronto this past February. As part of the Future Neighbourhood immersive feature exhibition, we showcased the ambitious pilot program that brings together non-profit Two Steps Home and prefabricated home builders CABN to supply transitional and temporary housing solution designed to be low-cost, rapidly built, and deployed on vacant lots. They are designed as the first step towards safe, stable, long-term housing options, including modular, supportive or rent-geared-to-income (RGI) options.

Read more about this project in the April issue of Canadian Architect.

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