Breaking, Bending and Rewriting the Building Rules

Breaking, Bending and Rewriting the Building Rules

Micro-Hood earned an Honorable Mention in Urbanarium's Decoding Density competition.

Micro-Hood proposes a visionary approach to neighborhood development, aiming to create resilient, lower-carbon communities while addressing the challenges of rising construction costs and a shortage of skilled labor in the construction industry.

The project advocates for the creation of apartment buildings on single lots, challenging conventional building norms and emphasizing community ownership through initiatives like Community Land Trusts. To address the construction labor crisis, Micro-Hood promotes the use of prefab construction. When adopted at scale, prefabrication can reduce the cost and speed up the process of construction. Our project offers a holistic vision for neighborhood development, prioritizing community engagement, sustainability, and affordability in the face of urban challenges.

Read more about this project here.

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