2015 Pan American Games Athletes’ Village – Block 12

Toronto, Ontario

Pemberton Group & Conservatory Group

2010 to 2011


Toronto’s successful bid for the 2015 Pan American Games included the Athletes’ Village Master Plan prepared by our firm. The Province subsequently invited three consortia to submit proposals for the Design, Construction, and Financing (DBF) of the entire West Don Lands Phase 2 precinct, which was selected as the site of the Village. The site area, bounded by Don River Park to the east, Cherry Street to the west, River Square to the north, and Mill Street to the south, encompasses nearly 11 hectares of developable land.

SvN joined the Pemberton Group & Conservatory Group consortium DBF and provided architectural design for 40% of Development Blocks 1, 3, 11, 12, and 15. Our team also provided urban design for the entire precinct and municipal planning and development approvals.

Housing Block 12 includes 144 units of affordable housing and 235 units of market housing with double height retail and amenity areas on the ground floor. The elevation of the housing on the affordable block is composed of a dynamic series of projecting bay windows that animate the south façade in light and shadow. In contrast to this, the market townhouses are presented as a set of shifting volumetric boxes, while the Front Street market housing block is articulated as a well-composed grid of varying depth and transparency. Through its varied articulation, Block 12 creates a textured built fabric that, when combined with its transparent lobbies and courtyard breezeways, integrate seamlessly within the new urban district.

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