Immanuel Village to break ground this spring

Immanuel Village has received final re-zoning approval from the City of Winnipeg and will begin construction Spring 2018.

SvN provided direction and housing design expertise and the congregation has demonstrated true conviction and stewardship. The congregation of Immanuel United Church and the Winnipeg Presbytery own their property and built the Church in 1961. They have chosen to go into joint venture to realize the maximum value of the property for the long term benefit of the Church and will accomplish these significant things:

  • Generate profit from their development to support the life of the Church and most importantly the needs of the next generation of congregants;
  • Meet the needs of others and the demand for housing and seniors housing in East Kildonan by providing multi-family housing;
  • Donate to the Truth and Reconciliation process with the proceeds of the development.

Immanuel Village will be a 21-unit housing development providing the innovative housing options, amenities, and accessible suites to assure the project’s success as a healthy “multi-generational” community.

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