SvN’s Church Redevelopment Projects are a ‘Win-win’

SvN planner Barbara Myers was interviewed by The Winnipeg Free Press on SvN’s work with redeveloping church-owned buildings and land, in an article entitled ‘Winnipeg churches building for the future‘. Many churches are struggling financially due to declining attendance and high maintenance costs for their buildings. The redevelopment of excess land on their properties into community-oriented uses and/or housing can create financial stability for the church while also doing good work for their community.

Immanuel United Church has partnered with SvN and Discovery Homes to build a 21-unit townhouse-style condominium development, Immanuel Village, on a surplus piece of land behind its existing building. The church will get a portion of the profit from the sale of each condo.

The Augustine United Church has partnered with SvN and ReSolve Project Management Ltd. to redevelop a portion of its historic River Avenue building. The Augustine Centre project would create a 10,000-square-foot daycare, 5,000-square-foot dance studio and not-for-profit arts centre, a new church sanctuary and performing arts centre, and a 7,000-square-foot space for the Oak Table Inc. The rental income from the redevelopment would help bring financial stability to Augustine.

Both projects are in the early stages, but SvN is currently in discussions with about seven other Winnipeg churches, and with many other churches in Ontario, who are interested in redeveloping their surplus land or part of their building.

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