Universities deliver music curriculum in historic buildings

Universities deliver music curriculum in historic buildings

SvN’s research for Carleton University in 2017 identified that both Carleton and University of Windsor have taken the creative initiative to deliver Faculty of Music curriculum off campus, in historic buildings in downtown locations. SvN researched universities across Canada to determine what programs are delivered off campus in downtown locations. While business and engineering schools deliver programs off campus, only Carleton and Windsor are delivering music programs downtown and taking advantage of the beauty, acoustics and ambiance that historic buildings provide.

In the spring of 2016, SvN prepared a feasibility study for Dominion Chalmers United Church in Ottawa to examine development options for the facility and site. At that time, Carleton University showed interest in purchasing the church for redevelopment as a permanent home for its Faculty of Music and a multi-purpose downtown performance space.

In May 2018, Carleton University purchased the building and plans to renovate the interior to include “high-quality recording spaces and make the facility also more attractive as a rental venue for community and arts groups” (Ottawa Citizen.) The University will maintain the heritage character of the church. In 2014, University of Windsor approved the redevelopment of the historic Windsor Armouries to transformation the building into the new home for the School of Creative Arts. The renovations carefully preserves the heritage 1902 structure.

Both of these universities are showing strong civic leadership by combining the aesthetic value of unique historic buildings with the inspiration of music education.

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