We Act Against Racism

SvN recognizes how our design professions have perpetuated racism, structural inequity and violence against BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Colour). Architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and design should never perpetuate or reinforce social inequities. It is our responsibility as professionals to act against racism through work that consistently promotes fairness and justice.

We value and prioritize building a better world through equity-based placemaking and an anti-racist agenda that eliminates ignorance and apathy. We understand that the work to address systemic inequities is difficult, uncomfortable and ongoing.

We need to adopt a sharp lens to assess the equity impact of our projects. We will draw upon the perspectives of our interdisciplinary teams to proactively combat racism and discrimination. To do this, we need to ask the right questions, discuss meaningful ideas and engage in impactful dialogue not just amongst ourselves but through listening to BIPOC voices that have never been heard.

We acknowledge that our best has not been good enough. And we’re doing something about it.

The staff at SvN have initiated an Anti-Racism Committee to examine how our practice can holistically and explicitly address systemic racism. Its mandate is to improve approaches to racially responsible work, research, hiring, volunteerism and community engagement.

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