Slow design: How to create the perfect condo in six years

A Toronto penthouse condo designed by SvN Principal Drew Sinclair has been featured in an article written by Carolyn Ireland in the Globe and Mail. Sinclair worked with Niv Fichman, the condo’s owner, for six years to bring to life their mutual vision of the perfect condo for Mr Fichman, who is Founder of Rhombus Media. “You’re living in this piece of art and it’s functional,” he says. “I still marvel every day I walk in.”

The design is meant to represent the convergence of Mr. Fichman’s film background and his immersion in cultures around the world, particularly that of Japan. “I really wanted to make it as perfect as I could because it was not designed for resale,” Fichman says. To realize his vision, Mr. Fichman turned to Drew Sinclair. “We went on this journey together. It was an amazing relationship. It had a lot to do with my aesthetic but he made it all happen.”

The article has been posted on the Globe and Mail’s website.

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