Shonda Wang talks to BNN for International Women’s Day

Business News Network invited Shonda Wang, Lead of Urban Design at SvN, to be a guest on their House Money show to celebrate International Women’s Day. She was joined by Jeahny Shim, president and founder at Housing Lab Toronto. Shonda speaks about her experience as a woman in a senior position in an industry that hasn’t always been known for its diversity, and gives insight into strategies that she uses to approach challenging situations in the workplace.

Are young women looking for roles like yours in urban planning? Do they see a barrier?

“We have some immensely talented young people that approach us for work and are interested in working with us. At SvN, we’re very conscious of the fact that we need to have a diverse team not just in representation of gender or age, but also by cultural background. We have people from countries all over the world working at our firm, and that’s critical when you think about the fact that we’re in the business of planning and designing communities. Toronto is obviously incredibly diverse and increasingly so,” Shonda’s reply.

The segment called ‘Women in the real estate industry’, can be watched here.

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