York University 2015 Pan American Games Village Master Plan


Pan American Games Bid Corporation

2008 to 2009


SvN worked directly with the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion, the York University Development Corporation (YUDC) and the office of York’s VP Student Affairs to conduct a complete housing facility analysis, feasibility study, and overlay plan for the 2015 Pan American Games Athletes Village at York University’s Keele Campus.

The study included the compilation of a master document outlining the current bed counts and amenities within each of the residential buildings on campus, as well as a thorough site plan and building review to determine the capacity for existing buildings to accommodate Games’ programming. The study was submitted to Bidco, the Bid Corporation established to coordinate Toronto’s bid for the 2015 Pan American Games, as part of their Village site identification process.

Over the past three years, the City of Toronto has worked with York University and the YUDC to develop a Secondary Plan specific to the YUDC lands. The plan calls for extensive mixed-use development and forms the basis for a sustainable long-term vision for the residential community surrounding the campus. The Secondary Plan formed the basis of the Athletes’ Village Development Proposal seen in OPTION 1 | Northwest Gate (upper right). Approximately 1,100,000 sf of new development is proposed to fulfill the space requirements of the Athletes Village Program. As part of the space planning exercise for the new development, SvN completed preliminary massing for the extent of the proposed building sites and current approved campus expansion plans.

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