Western Waterfront Master Plan

Toronto, Ontario

City of Toronto



In recent years, the City of Toronto has made extensive efforts to improve the public realm of the City, particularly on the waterfront. SvN was commissioned by the City of Toronto to outline a vision for a four kilometer-stretch of parkland along Humber Bay. The assignment included the identification of improvements necessary to create a beautiful public realm, as well as the addition of compatible uses that meet a range of stakeholder interests.

The resulting master plan includes a number of “big moves” designed to re-connect the waterfront to the City, redesign major transportation infrastructure, incorporate transit, render the parkland itself more useable, and balance competing uses. Key features include the creation of a series of significant urban beaches, the improvement of water quality and swimming opportunities, a dramatic realignment of Lake Shore Boulevard to capture “orphaned” parkland, the establishment of active recreational hubs at key locations, and the establishment of a network of complementary multi-use pathway systems. The design process included an extensive civic engagement strategy to involve Torontonians in the reshaping of their waterfront.

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