SvN Studio

Toronto, Ontario


2013 to 2014


SvN completed the full renovation of their offices in January 2014. Located on the fourth floor of a historic building in downtown Toronto, this 7,770 sf project provides an open, collaborative working environment. The renovation, part of a broader building improvement, includes a plan centred around natural light, a new high efficiency mechanical system, and a respect for the building’s structural heritage.

Schematic plans were evaluated through group discussion about ergonomics, working environments. The outcome of this collaborate process is a space with strong visual transparency that allow for simultaneous connectivity and working privacy. Studios are organized around existing sources of daylight, and all office services and amenities are consolidated to maximize efficiency. The provision of a standing hotel station and a quiet room for focused work provide a variety of physical and acoustic environments. A combination of formal and informal meeting spaces are distributed throughout the office.

The brushed oak floor is FSC certified and was harvested from sustainably managed forests. Work surfaces are locally sourced maple butcher block, while countertops are formed from highly compressed recycled paper. The carpets are 100% recycled and are designed to feed back into the material cycle at the end of its life. A full LED luminaire schedule provides comfortable lighting using with remarkably low power demands, surpassing ASHRAE standards by 50%.

The office is punctuated with vigorous colours and deliberate material choices. A continuous planter lines the north end of the space, providing vibrant green life adjacent to the largest studios. Together, these items speak to a holistically conceived space that is imaginative, responsive to the requirements of a sophisticated working studio, and responsible to its historical and environmental context.

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