St. Jamestown Community Corner

Toronto, Ontario

The St. Jamestown Community Corner

2008 to Present


SvN is in the final process of conducting a three phased renovation for The St. James Town Community Corner, a non-profit organization. The space was originally comprised of ground floor apartments and basement space in a residential tower. The renovation converted the facility into a community centre. Phase 1 included two multi purpose rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a counselling room, an office and a computer lab. The Phase 2 renovation was conducted by the Community Corner and Sherbourne Health Centre and was completed in June 2013. Phase 2 consisted of two additional multi purpose rooms, two medical rooms, washrooms, a lounge and an additional office. Phase 3 is currently in progress. It will include an addition that creates a new entrance to the current Community Corner and a new renovated basement area. The basement area will house a commercial kitchen, large dining area, classrooms and an art centre. SvN assisted the St. James Town Community Corner with fund raising and the implementation of the project was phased according to financial constraints.

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