Port Whitby Secondary Plan Update, Community Improvement Plan, Urban Design Guidelines

Whitby, Canada

Town of Whitby



The firm was retained by the Town of Whitby to complete the Port Whitby Secondary Plan Update, Community Improvement Plan and Urban Design Guidelines for the Town of Whitby. The focus of our work has been to integrate new development into the fabric of the existing Port Whitby community. We have also established ground rules for how new development and intensification will be designed and how neighbourhoods will be protected. Our work has been coordinated with related planning processes that are currently underway such as the Whitby Waterfront Parks and Open Space Master plan while also ensuring that the expansion and intensification of the existing GO Station site is effectively integrated into the existing community. The Secondary Plan, Urban Design Guidelines and Community Improvement Plan build on principles of our previously prepared Sustainable Community Plan for Port Whitby and establish the framework for the future development of this sustainable waterfront community.

Our services provided throughout this project have included:

  • Collection and analysis of background information and the preparation of the
    Background Study;
  • Creation and execution of a detailed public and stakeholder engagement strategy┬áincluding both formal and informal opportunities for engagement;
  • Public visioning exercises;
  • Developing design principles;
  • Developing Alternative and use and Urban Design Concepts; and
  • Preferred Land Use Plan, Community Improvement Plan and Urban Design Guidelines.
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We prepare comprehensive plans for new communities ranging from high-density urban infill projects in areas subject to intensification, through to responsible greenfield development. Starting with an assessment of the local environment, we develop plans and designs that build on the history of the site, while identifying opportunities for sustainable growth.
We prepare detailed Design Guidelines for municipalities in order to advance the policies, goals and objectives of Official Plans and Official Community Plans, specifically those related to the design of streets, parks, open spaces and buildings. We apply our combined technical and design expertise to the creation of effective and comprehensive guidelines.
Our team conducts engagement processes with clients, end-users and members of the community to understand existing conditions, identify options, negotiate solutions and secure the support of public and funding agencies. We use innovative graphic and modelling tools to illustrate architectural, urban design and planning visions to clients, stakeholders, regulators, potential investors and the public.