Life Community Church of God

Toronto, Ontario

Life Community Church of God

2011 to 2015


Having outgrown their current facility, the Life Community Church of God purchased a 3.2 acre parcel of land on which to build a new facility for them to relocate. The facility is currently in the permitting and fundraising stage. Construction is anticipated to begin in late 2015. The new building has been designed to facilitate Sunday morning worship alongside community programs targeting youth, unemployment, childcare, and adult and youth leadership – much needed programs in the surrounding local community.

To ensure maximum efficiency, each space in the church was designed to perform double-, or even triple-duty. The worship hall, with a seat count of 1,100 people, also functions as a community theatre and concert venue, providing revenue generation and stimulating community programming. The Sunday school is designed to accommodate a future daycare which the congregation has identified as a pressing need. The commercial grade teaching kitchen can be rented out to local catering companies, used for church dinners and food programs while also supporting the church’s cafe. The cafe is situated so that it can serve lunch to the surrounding community during the week while also being available for operation during intermission of concert and theatre performances. A large multipurpose room is designed to function as a basketball court for community sport leagues, small study groups, and as a dining hall for banquets. A recording studio supports the active music culture of the church and also acts as the broadcast studio for their Sunday morning TV program.

Conscious of their responsibility to environmental stewardship, the church has implemented many sustainable design features including an extensive green roof, a central building control system that minimizes overall energy use, radiant heating, durable material and daylight harvesting strategies.

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