Labatt Urban Village

Toronto, Canada

TAS DesignBuild

2012 to present


We developed a Concept Design for a mixed-use, vertical urban village at 7 Labatt Avenue in Toronto’s east end. It is a model for sustainable design with extensive green roofs and urban agriculture, rooftop greenhouses, high-efficiency envelope design, passive ventilation and shading strategies, a highly integrated public realm with exceptional bicycle and communal auto-ownership facilities, and elevated green spaces that extend the green of the Don Valley up onto terraced rooftops and sky gardens. Revitalizing the tradition of mixed-use riverfront development along the Don River, the urban village strives to connect Corktown and Regent Park neighbourhoods to the Don by creating an enhanced streetscape of pedestrian, cycling and vehicular linkages flanked by a mix of community service and cultural organizations such as Artscape, Evergreen and the Salvation Army.

The development presents a unique a mix of housing ownership types and forms that reflects the diverse needs in the community and the tremendous benefit of integrating affordable rental and ownership housing with market rate housing. The vertical urban village employs a sustainable, flexible architecture that allows the building to evolve over time to accommodate changing demographic and community needs, including the transition from smaller to larger residential units (and vice versa), as well as the transition from residential to commercial uses.

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Housing is a core focus of our business. We design innovative and adaptable buildings and master plans that respond to the immediate and future housing needs of diverse communities and all levels of income. We have a history of initiating and realizing housing projects that fill critical gaps in the market, and that are sensitive and adaptable to evolving cultures and contexts.