Kingston Provincial Campus


Ontario Realty Corporation

2010 to 2012


In 2010, we prepared a Master Plan and Block Plan for the Kingston Provincial Campus, formerly known as the Kingston Psychiatric Hospital lands. Located west of downtown, on the shores of Lake Ontario, the site is anchored by a significant historical presence, including a cultural heritage landscape and many significant historical buildings.

The site currently accommodates a number of uses including the existing Providence Care facility, numerous ministry programs and a publicly accessible waterfront trail. ORC is proceeding with a number of steps to assist in strategic accommodation and asset planning. This will allow for informed decisions regarding future uses, including the potential to utilize part of the western portion of the site for the redevelopment of a new hospital for Providence Care.

The Plan identifies how to best utilize the lands and buildings based on market demand and contextual analysis while respecting the natural and cultural heritage features on the site. A comprehensive approach to engagement and consultation has been utilized and includes meetings with key stakeholders as well as two interactive consultation sessions with the general public.

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We prepare comprehensive plans for new communities ranging from high-density urban infill projects in areas subject to intensification, through to responsible greenfield development. Starting with an assessment of the local environment, we develop plans and designs that build on the history of the site, while identifying opportunities for sustainable growth.
Our team conducts engagement processes with clients, end-users and members of the community to understand existing conditions, identify options, negotiate solutions and secure the support of public and funding agencies. We use innovative graphic and modelling tools to illustrate architectural, urban design and planning visions to clients, stakeholders, regulators, potential investors and the public.
We engage stakeholders in every planning process we lead. In complex cases, we facilitate a round-table dialogue process with key stakeholders to create a common understanding of issues, concerns and opportunities. We apply our technical expertise and to these consensus-based decision-making processes, identifying clear and actionable planning priorities. This innovative approach has been recognized by the Canadian Institute of Planners, which awarded our work in Thompson, Manitoba with the Award for Planning Excellence, in 2014.