Immanuel Village

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Discovery Homes & The United Church of Canada

2016 to ongoing


SvN is working with Gateway Construction and Engineering and Discovery Homes to design and construct Immanuel Village, a 21-unit housing development in East Kildonan, Winnipeg. As with many communities outside of downtown areas in Canadian cities, East Kildonan suffers from housing options that support seniors choosing to remain ‘in-community’ as their space and mobility requirements change over time. East Kildonan also presents limited options for starter housing for young families and first-time homebuyers. Immanuel Village, in response to these emerging needs, is inclusive by design, providing the innovative housing options, amenities, and accessible landscape that will assure the project’s success as a healthy “multi-generational” community.

Key considerations in respect to creating a multi-generational community is the diversity of housing units provided and specific design considerations such as:

  • Accessible suites with entrances flush with grade;
  • Interior circulation that can accommodate mobility infrastructure, such as stair lifts, for seniors choosing to live independently later in life;
  • Privacy-enhancing design measures such as enhanced sound separation to assure privacy between suites; and
  • Outdoor amenity areas, including shared and private gardening space, to encourage an active lifestyle and foster connections between residents.

As transportation, health and social needs of people change as they grow old, it can be a challenge to remain active and access amenities in suburbs that were designed for cars. Immanuel Village can serve as a model for a community which provides for residents at all stages of their lives, offering an option for seniors wanting to avoid the disadvantages of remaining in single-family homes or living exclusively among those of their age group.

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