Hamilton West Harbour Investment Guide

Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton Community Foundation

2015 to Present


The West Harbour is a city-wide destination, and there is a need to plan for not only the rapid growth and intensification associated with a New Go-Transit Hub, but also the socio-economic and housing needs of adjacent existing neighbourhoods in order to reduce their displacement. Most of the West Harbour has been developed historically and more recently by individual landowners − not private developers. In order to maximize the economic benefits to all income groups, both “community-based” growth and “planned new development” need to be addressed. The Hamilton West Harbour Investment Guide will be a resource for all investors, including landowners, builders, and developers.

The Investment Guide Will Include:

  • Current Planning + Zoning Contexts (in 3D)
  • City Incentive Programs (with Economic Development)
  • Summary of Investment Opportunities in ‘Stable Residential Areas’, ‘Corridors of Incremental Change’, ‘Areas of Major Reinvestment’
  • Project Profiles
  • Preliminary Pro-Forma.

The aim is to eventually provide all information available on-line in an interactive, readily accessible format. The final presentation can be downloaded in the grey footer below.

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