Fichman Penthouse

Toronto, Ontario

Niv Fichman

2009 to 2012


The penthouse unit sit at the top of m5v, a LEED® certified 35-storey condominium in Toronto’s King West neighbourhood. The space is designed for a film producer to serve as both a living and event space. To balance the competing desire for a comfortable living space and a open, free-flowing entertaining space, the plan sub-divides the space into demisable zones: a raised bath platform separated from the living area by a translucent screen; a sunken bedroom court separating the tatami sleeping stage from the master bath platform; and an angular “occupiable millwork” corridor of rich wood to separate the primary living space from the study, wine cellar and workspace.

The design provides custom display space for the owner’s extensive collection of “object art”, which includes a mix of sculpture, small paintings, and cultural relics. A series of scaled display niches with integrated lighting were designed for the optimal presentation of each piece, but with a flexibility that allowed the client to curate the displayed collection as desired.

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