Central Pickering Development Plan


Government of Ontario

2003 to 2006


Under the North Pickering Land Exchange, the Province negotiated with three developers to exchange holdings on the Oak Ridges Moraine – a UNESCO World Biosphere site – for equivalent parcels in the growing City of Pickering. Our team, together with Meridian Planning Consultants, was commissioned to prepare comprehensive structure, secondary and neighbourhood plans to guide the creation of an extensive natural heritage system, a dedicated near-urban agricultural preserve, and substantial new residential and employment areas for 75,000 residents and 35,000 jobs.

The resulting Central Pickering Development Plan fleshes out two of the Province’s concurrent planning initiatives – the Growth Plan and Greenbelt Plan – and addresses the full range of residential, commercial, institutional, open space and rural uses for this new community. Throughout the process, SvN worked closely with a range of stakeholders, including governments and public agencies at all levels, current and future residents, and the developers.

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We apply our thorough understanding of the provincial and municipal regulatory context to develop studies and public policy instruments for local, provincial and federal governments and First Nations. These include: zoning by-laws, official plans, municipal development plans, local official plans, secondary plans, neighbourhood plans, and urban design guidelines.
We prepare comprehensive plans for new communities ranging from high-density urban infill projects in areas subject to intensification, through to responsible greenfield development. Starting with an assessment of the local environment, we develop plans and designs that build on the history of the site, while identifying opportunities for sustainable growth.
We engage stakeholders in every planning process we lead. In complex cases, we facilitate a round-table dialogue process with key stakeholders to create a common understanding of issues, concerns and opportunities. We apply our technical expertise and to these consensus-based decision-making processes, identifying clear and actionable planning priorities. This innovative approach has been recognized by the Canadian Institute of Planners, which awarded our work in Thompson, Manitoba with the Award for Planning Excellence, in 2014.
Our team conducts engagement processes with clients, end-users and members of the community to understand existing conditions, identify options, negotiate solutions and secure the support of public and funding agencies. We use innovative graphic and modelling tools to illustrate architectural, urban design and planning visions to clients, stakeholders, regulators, potential investors and the public.