Regina Official Community Plan


City of Regina

2012 to 2013


Natural resources have been driving Saskatchewan’s nation-leading growth over the last five years and as a result the capital city, Regina, is experiencing an unprecedented period of growth and development.

In 2012, SvN was retained by the City to undertake a comprehensive review and renewal of the Official Community Plan (OCP). The work involved an unprecedented approach to city planning in Canada – one that extends beyond the traditional role of a Planning and Building Department to emphasize integration of all the City’s departments in the city-wide plan and place-making process.

The Regina OCP provides a comprehensive spatial and policy framework to guide not only the physical, but also the environmental, economic, social and cultural development of the City. We worked closely with City departments, Council and a wide range of stakeholders on its preparation of the OCP. A Council approved draft of the OCP was completed at the end of 2013 and approved by the Province shortly thereafter.

At the same time, major related studies were prepared in tandem – the Transportation Master Plan and the Comprehensive Housing Strategy. Both studies informed the development of the Official Community Plan and both plans shape how residents experience and live in the city. The timing of this concurrent planning ensured alignment and consistency between all plans.

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