Brealey Lands Plan of Subdivision


Brookfield Residential

2009 to present


The firm has been engaged by Brookfield Residential to develop a Plan of Subdivision for a 68 acre (27.5 hectare) property in Peterborough. Our plan is designated to create an innovative complete neighbourhood that will provide a range of built form types and to meet provincial density targets. The structure of the community will work with the topography of the site and its natural features. The plan provides for a compact urban form that will be transit-supportive. This plan will serve as a model for future development in the Greater Peterborough Area in terms of urban design, servicing, transportation, environmental protection and sustainable technology.

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We provide comprehensive support for approvals under the Planning Act that includes: the creation of clear, high quality documentation for amendments to official plans, zoning bylaws and building codes; producing planning applications and planning rationale reports; and representing our clients at Ontario Municipal Board hearings.
We develop community sustainability plans, environmental management plans and climate change adaptation plans for public, private and non-profit sectors.We have focused extensively on the displacement and resettlement of communities affected by natural disasters, wars, conflicts and poverty.
We engage stakeholders in every planning process we lead. In complex cases, we facilitate a round-table dialogue process with key stakeholders to create a common understanding of issues, concerns and opportunities. We apply our technical expertise and to these consensus-based decision-making processes, identifying clear and actionable planning priorities. This innovative approach has been recognized by the Canadian Institute of Planners, which awarded our work in Thompson, Manitoba with the Award for Planning Excellence, in 2014.