SvN is a team of architects, planners, community developers and urban designers immersed in the practical art and science of building resilient communities.

planningAlliance + regionalArchitects joined to form SvN in 2015.

We engage with the dynamic social, economic and environmental forces that define and govern the places where we work.

This involves studying local histories, anticipating emerging economies, identifying social and environmental risks and opportunities, and planning and designing in response to rapid growth and change. We work in partnership with public and private clients and stakeholders to create visionary ideas, and find ways to render them viable.

Over the past forty years, our team has helped to shape the built environment in regions, cities, and towns across Canada, and around the world. We’ve revitalized industrial waterfronts, developed many new forms of affordable housing, designed resilient neighbourhoods, and promoted the economic development of both rural and urban regions.

Our plans, designs and strategies are both particular and flexible: they respond to the specific needs of people and their environments, but are designed to adapt and change in response to new conditions as they arise.