Now Online: Eglinton Streetscape Videos

Four short videos describing various aspects of the Eglinton Corridor Planning Study are now available on YouTube, courtesy of the City of Toronto. The videos debuted at various public meetings. The four videos are:

Eglinton Connects: Demonstration of how Eglinton can be ‘greened’ at the Don Valley shows the new green track, landscaped tunnel portal, continuous bile lanes, and trail connections between the Leslie stop and the Don River Valley.

Eglinton Connects: Demonstration of how the Golden Mile could transform over time focuses on the changes proposed for the Golden Mile at Warden Avenue including new boulevards, great trees, and continuous bike lanes.

Eglinton Connects: Midrise answers the question ‘What is a mid-rise building?’

Eglinton Connects Planning Study: Mid-rise Buildings Testing Model depicts a 3D model that was created to test the potential for mid-rise building development along the Eglinton Crosstown LRT corridor.

An improved public realm with better connections to parks and trails are goals of the Eglinton Connects Planning Study. For more of the Study’s goals and information, visit

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