Integrated Transit Oriented Development at Mimico GO Station

We are proud to announce that we are the lead architects and urban designers for the integration of Mimico GO Station and 327 Royal York, the inaugural project for Metrolinx’s Transit Oriented Development Market Driven Strategy.

Working in association with Kohn Architects, on behalf of VANDYK Group of Companies, and in close collaboration with Metrolinx, SvN developed the planning and design vision for the Integrated Development of 327 Royal York with the Mimico GO Station. The approach was centred on two key aspects:

  1. Building a strong relationship between the community, landowner/developer, and the government, to forge a creative partnership and generate new opportunities;
  2. Delivering a plan for seamless integration between higher order transit, a beautiful public realm and a dynamic mixed-use development.

Integrated development of 327 Royal York with Mimico GO Station enables public and private investment to be leveraged to not only unlock development of two underutilized sites, but also create opportunities for growth including: new mixed-tenure housing; new office uses; and a highly connected, rich, public realm, with vibrant community amenities.

Over the coming months, VANDYK and SvN will continue to engage with the local community and refine what the project will ultimately look like.


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