Kristina Seo wins RAIC’s 2017 Urban Marker Competition

SvN Urban Designer Kristina Seo and fellow intern architect Elaine Chau have won RAIC’s 2017 Urban Marker competition with their project called Analogous Space. The purpose of the competition was to create a unique physical marker to signal and celebrate events and locations of the 2017 RAIC / OAA Festival of Architecture. The festival takes place May 24-27 in Ottawa, aligning with Canada’s 150th anniversary and celebrating the architecture of our past and looking forward to the future.

Analogous Space speaks through the languages of colour, movement and play. The construct is a simple matrix of frames that forms a basic cube with analogous colour schemes along the three major axes. A series of reflective and opaque signage panels are inserted throughout the open framework creating an optically complex yet formally simple object. The play of similarity and difference speaks to the inclusivity and diversity of our nation celebrating Canada’s many faces.

The jury unanimously selected Analogous Space as the winner. They were impressed with the simple, strong form that, upon closer inspection, reveals itself as a rich interaction of light and movement. The Urban Marker will be constructed of dimensional lumber while integrating a strong colour scheme, LED lighting and a mix of transparent and reflective inserts.

Kristina and Elaine packed up their design in a 20-foot truck and moved it from Toronto to Ottawa, where they set it up along on site along the Ottawa River for the festival.





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