Eglinton LRT Corridor Planning Starts Up

Our team is pleased to announce that we will be collaborating with Antoine Grumbach Associates and Brook McIlroy to design both the streetscape and built form along the path of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. This project is a generational opportunity to shape the only Avenue that connects all of the City’s former boroughs. We look forward to helping the City shape new transit-oriented development, develop a complete street, and celebrate Eglinton’s heritage through a collaborative public process over the next year.

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We have a long history of planning and designing the public realm of cities, including streets, building facades, public places, the space between buildings and open spaces. Our team has pioneered significant aspects of the “complete streets” concept, demonstrated through landmark projects like the St. George Street Revitalization, the Bloor Street Transformation and the Six Point Interchange Reconstruction.
We offer a full range of architecture, interior design, programming and construction management services for commercial and retail projects, especially within mixed-use developments. Our flexible designs focus on user experience and the creation of environments that reflect the culture and identity of our clients.
We plan and design multi-modal transit hubs and corridors including station area plans, LRT corridors, transit stations and border crossings. We take a systems approach to the planning and design of infrastructure, integrating multiple development priorities while preserving and enhancing the quality of the overall landscape. Key projects include the Fort Erie Gateway Master Plan and the Allen District Urban Guidelines & District Plan.