Distributing Density

From NRU

SvN’s business development director and senior planner, Blair Scorgie, provides commentary to NRU upon the release of Ryerson’s City Building Institute’s “Density Done Right” study. Scorgie, who Peer Reviewed the study is quoted alongside CBI executive director Cherise Burda.


“There’s an untapped opportunity in many low-rise, low-density neighbourhoods to open them up and offer a greater diversity of housing typologies and housing choices,” SvN business development director and senior planner Blair Scorgie told NRU. And while gentle density may translate into improved housing affordability, he said, it’s largely about ensuring the vitality and resiliency of neighbourhoods throughout Toronto and the 905 whose populations are shrinking because of changing demographics. “We need more houses to house the same number of people than we did a generation ago,” he said. “And people want different kinds of housing options.”


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