Connor O’Grady speaks at the City Building Expo

Connor O’Grady, Intern Architect at SvN and co-founder of the group On Empathy, spoke on a panel for the CITY BUILDING EXPO, an event put on by Ryerson University and the University of Toronto. Touching on his professional work and drawing upon his thesis research, the theme of Connor’s talk was human-centred and empathic design. He was joined by Helena Grdadolnik from Workshop Architecture and Sarah Gunawan, the current Reyner Banham Fellow from the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning.

The CITY BUILDING EXPO aims to provide an engaging program for students and practitioners to gather together to discuss City Building with an aspect of ‘Interconnected Cities’. The theme of interconnectedness stems to unite the different streams of Economic, Environmental and Social sustainability while also promoting collaboration and dialog between the professions that build future urban environment.

This expo allows future City Builders to engage with each other in a collaborative setting amongst peers from many diverse backgrounds such as Architects, Planners, Engineers, Urban Designers, Landscape Architects, Land Economists and Policy Makers.

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