Advising the Senate on a national trade corridor in Canada

SvN Principal John van Nostrand addressed the Banking, Trade and Commerce committee of the Senate of Canada regarding the development of a national corridor in Canada. The ‘Boreal Corridor Boréal’ would act as a means of enhancing and facilitating commerce and internal trade.

A national corridor is a concept originally proposed by retired major general and author, Richard Rohmer, about forty-seven years ago. The corridor is described as a vast swathe of land running from Newfoundland and Labrador across Quebec, Ontario, and the Prairies, to British Columbia and up through Northwest Territories and Yukon – his idea was to implement a national strategy to populate and develop this band of boreal forest.

The development of the Boreal Corridor Boréal has the potential to address some of Canada’s most important issues, including the economy, immigration, its relationship with indigenous people, and balancing natural resource development with business.

The session was videotaped and can be viewed here (John’s portion of the address starts around 11:40 minutes in). His article on planning for the mid-Canada corridor, “If We Build It, They Will Stay” was published in September 2014 issue of the Walrus and is available to read here.

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